terminator 2, 20!

I just realized that next July 3, (2011) will be the 20th aniversary of the release of Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Where were you twenty years ago? What were you doing?

In 1991:


16: Operation Desert Storm began with air strikes against Iraq.


26: Saddam Hussein withdraws his troops from Kuwait. They set fire to the oil fields as they run.


3: An amatuer video captures Roddney King being beaten by Los Angeles police.


17: DOW Jones closes over 3000 for the first time ever.

26: 70 tornados ravage the central US killing 17. Andover Kansas is hit hard.


16: Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first British monarch to address the US Congres


12: Boris Yeltsin elected president of Russia

12: Chicago Bulls win their first NBA title over the Lakers


3: Terminator 2 in theaters.

11: Total solar eclipse

22: Mike Tyson charged with rape of Desiree Washington

22: Serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer arrested after remains of 11 people are found in his apartment


13: The Super Nintendo System goes on sale

August 19 – September 6: The Solvet Union collapses


2: Bill Clinton anounces he will seek nomination of Democratic Party and run for President

15: Clarence Thomas is voted into Supreme Court


7: Magic Johnson anounces he has HIV

18: After being held hostage since Jan 20 1987, Terry Waite is released

24: Freddie Mercury, singer of the rock  band Queen dies from AIDS

26: Solvet Union disolves


3 Responses to “terminator 2, 20!”

  1. I turned 8 :). I got the Super Nintendo for Christmas.

  2. 8?!? Holy Crap. I got married and honeymooned in the Virgin Islands.

  3. LOL. Nice.

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