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  1. haha I LOVE IT!!! You are crazy.

    How do you measure your cals burned?

    How does your little body burn that much? I was pretty happy that I burned 3900 yesterday, 3300 the day before and 4000 the day before that (via bodybugg). But that is in a 24 h period…

    So much respect 🙂

  2. Hey Chica! I use a Polar RS800CX Pro Team Edition personal training computor. Polar is one of my triathlon sponsors and they have hooked me up with the baddest mama-jamma in the world. It speaks to my bike and records speed, pace and altitude. After my rides I upload the info with a wireless connection to the wrist unit and it gives me training tips, goals to shoot for and keeps track of where I am. It took a weekend to get used to reading all the info the unit provides, and I am still learning, but it allows me to hear my body in a way I could not before.
    I dig the BodyBugg. I have used one before. My only qualm with it is that on the bike, it doesn’t record hardly anything because it records movement.
    Yeah, that hill is a beyatch. There is no rest. Over 3 miles of steep switch-backs. That 4200 was just for the 5ish hour ride. Get a bike, it is a cardio killa that melts fat.

  3. Yeah I agree that is the only setback— I used to ride my bike to work (only 5 miles but a bitch because I hate hills and there are so many on the way to school), but I gave it up because I would need a shower when I got to the school and I “burn” (says bodybugg) more cals doing other things, and more that I like, like basketball (I got to play last night. My only qualm is when two chicks play with two dudes is that the dudes like to guard each other — even when it is better suited the other way. Pride I tell ya’.) This is all I have for now. I’ll leave more ramblings to my blog. tehe

    • The hills are the fun part! I have been working on my cardio by shifting back and staying in the saddle on the longer hills. I stand when I have to, but I have been trying to just stay in the saddle as much as I can. Six months ago I took a spin class and my HR was through the roof. I hit 207bpm which is just insane. Now I have it more under control and stay in the 160-180 range.
      I have been all into the Superhero thing lately and suiting up to go for a ride has become a religous thing. My bike is a razor and with it I cut the air. Rock on chica!

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