self reflection, flowers and condoms

So my bud Natalie blogs about this self reflective walk she took. ( She elaborates how while on the walk she took the time to blow a dandelion and it made her think about the simpler times as a child when playing, laughing and “smelling like outside” were the biggest issues of the day. Gotta tell you that this chic hits the nail on the head for me more often than not. Her next blog dealt with being stuck in traffic behind a new driver in (of all things) a Prius. For the longest time I thought the Prius was a bad ‘Family Guy’ joke until I moved to California. I think they issue them to everyone out here… You get them in the mail with a 3.5 floppy of the new AOL. Things are like mosquitoes: everywhere.

Life is what you make it. It can be tragic, desperate and alone or it can be fruitful, blessed and beautiful. Your life is the single most important thing in the world, for you. Make it fantastic. I say who gives a shit about what religion you subscribe to. Who you prey to is more personal than who you sleep with, and neither one is any of my business unless you are a hot chic and you dig me. In that case Bow chica bow bow and Amen to that!

Which reminds me… Na-der-ly also talked about finding a condom wrapper on the sidewalk during her walk. Her comment was “that mustve been sneaky and fun, and maybe a little uncomfortable depending on car size, but worth it, im sure.” That has GOT to be an L.A. thing because if I found a condom on the sidewalk, I would be thinking “ewww…biohazard.” Just gross.

Which reminds me… why are men self conscious about buying condoms? Dude, I’ll buy them if there is a cute girl in line and ask her opinion of styles. Self confidence is much sexier than good looks. Don’t believe me? Danny DeVito. Ron Jeremy. Howard Stern. These dudes are trolls from under the bridge and they get laid. Understand I am not all about cheap sex and I don’t fling out the family jewels for just anyone, but C’mon. Be a man: buy a condom. I say that ‘condom karma’ exists: If you buy it, you will… Well maybe that is not the right cliché…

Heavy sigh…

So… Just to sum up today’s blog: Smell the flowers and buy condoms: chics dig guys with mad skills.


2 Responses to “self reflection, flowers and condoms”

  1. haha was “prey” a double entendre?

    Also, you give bad examples. Danny DiVito is funny. Ron Jeremy, well the chicks are in it for the (rhymes)… and I’m pretty sure Howard Stern had to pay for it at one time.

    But yes, self-confidence, not arrogance, is a good thing for sure.

  2. Prey. Oops. Ha ha.

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