geeky nerd is the new black

With the rest of the country seemingly in a downward spiral, being yourself has never been so in style. The failings of the large conglomerates and the monetarily driven, nebbish, “yes men” who blindly follow their upline devoid of personality, wearing blue suits and driving SUV’s are what has driven nail after boorish nail into the dying infrastructure of individualism that this country was formed on. The time for embracing your own personality is upon us. The time to express yourself without fear of judgment is now. Following the heard out to graze is not in your best interest, because that pasture is no longer green. While we are all Americans, there is no safety in numbers. Stand up and be counted for the nerd that you are.

Olivia Munn is crazy sexy. If you don’t know Olivia, you will. She co-hosts “Attack of the Show” on the G4 network which talks about important things like the quality of the latest video games, movie special effects and the “American Ninja Warrior.” (Also called “Sasuke,” which is a TV show where contestants run an insane obstacle course.) Sure she is a pretty girl, but Hollywood is full of pretty nobodies. Olivia has tapped into her own passions, embraced them and remained a very down to earth person. Angelina Jolie can suck it because Angie has gone from being a mysterious sex object to a husband stealing, child hording, attention whore. I hear what you are saying, “But Steve, she is such a great actress…” To that I say: “rent Tomb Raider 2 again and tell me what I missed.” Megan Fox is not sexy because she is such a conceited bitch. The fact that she expects to be treated differently only because she is pretty, makes her fat and ugly. Rent ANYTHING she has ever been in and tell me that she can act and I will smack you with the DVD case. Sure, she opened the hood of that car in ‘Transformers’ and she looked hot. Gotcha. The other 88 minutes of that movie she was just awful. Awful.

Johnny Wier is not my favorite person in the world, but he is Johnny Wier and he doesn’t follow. Fur or no fur.

I used to look at women in stilettos and micro minis and see sexy, now… well that is still pretty hot, but today most girls rock the skinny jeans, sneaky kicks or hero boots a hoodie and ga-funk-da-fied clunky glasses. And ya know what? Comfortable is sexy. More to the point, self confidence is sexy. I have always maintained great women wear ball caps. Any woman that will throw on a hat, and head out to lunch on a Sunday afternoon is right up there with stockings and leather Catwoman boots. Which reminds me, all great women should have at least one pair of Superhero boots. Rock those skinny jeans and tall funky Hero boots. Sure they are a PITA to get on and off, but be the Superhero you know you are. Nerds? Oh yeah baby! Find me a woman who knows Greedo never fired, likes spending her weekends running wicked cool obstacle courses, and owns a Uhura dress and go go boots.

Nerdy women are goddesses!

Nerds unite!


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  1. LOL


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