winter olympics overview

The 2010 Winter Olympics have come and gone and as always, I am sad to see them go. This year the Games brought drama, passion, dedication and the never ending quest to be better. There were shoe-in Gold medals like Shaun White who really could have just phoned it in, Lindsey Vonn who is the pin up girl for America’s sweetheart, and Steve Holcomb with his Night Train bobsled.

Shaun White: The rest of the snowboarding world really does worship at this guys feet. They are snowboarders, people… they are not curing some horrific variant of cancer, they smoke weed, listen to Modest Mouse and hit the half pipe all day. I can not emphasize what an egomaniacal douche Shaun White came off as when just before the Games began, he announced he no longer wanted to be referred to as “The Flying Tomato,” the nickname the press gave him. Rather, he would like to be called “Animal” after the drumming Muppet of the same name. Listen up, Puppet Boy… How ’bout you gather up your Red Bull and your crack pipe and go do flippy flips by yourself like a good little wasteoid. The thing that astounded me was the media got shocked at the quality of language this guy and his coach displayed when they stuck a camera 6 inches from his face for two weeks. It’s snowboarding, people. The team uniform includes pants that intentionally fall off during competition.

Deep sigh.

Lindsey Vonn has worked her whole life for the chance to earn a Gold Medal. She played hurt. When she won, she wept and blubbered into the camera. I still don’t get the whole uproar people got into about her photo on the cover of SI. Some people said it was sexist and racy. My guess is these are the same sheltered people who are offended at Van Halen’s song “Hot for Teacher” because at the end David Lee Roth says “Oh My God.” Lighten up people, she’s not having anal sex with a dog, she’s in her ski pose.

Night Train was one of my faves. It’s Larry the Cable Guy as an Olympic athlete. I mean, this is redneck America, come to Canada. The bobsled itself was designed by NASCAR guy, Geoff Bodine, and Steve Holcomb has a beer gut. Git’er done and God bless America.

Curling is very cool: it is like chess, on ice, with big rocks and brooms. One of the hottest women involved in the entire Winter Olympics was Switzerland’s Carmen Schaefer. Hottie personified!

Being involved in endurance sports, I am always drawn to the distance events, like cross country skiing, the 10,000 speed skate and biathlon. Biathlon is very cool because they use a rifle that looks like something Han Solo would carry.

Down hill skiing is always a blast to watch. That first day when Lindsey got her Gold Medal, the last jump was at a pretty severe angle and one woman soared almost 200 feet in the air before crashing. Very intense.

Lastly, Canada. I got to spend time in British Colombia back in the 1990s and can tell you that Whistler, Vancouver, and that entire area is just as beautiful as it looked on TV. Canadians are some of the warmest, most genuine people I have ever met. To be honest, I was rooting for Canada to win that last hockey game. I mean, how could you not? The San Jose Sharks are a 20 minute train ride for me and at least four of the winning Canadian team were Sharks. They play New Jersey tonight and Montréal on Thursday. Woof. I am going to try and score tickets.

The closing ceremony, with the tongue in cheek raising of that fourth arm and bringing Catriona Le May Doen back to light the flame was a great touch. It almost seemed planed. Neil Young’s “Long May You Run” has always been an emotional hit for me, and watching the flame wither and go out while he sang choked me up.

The Olympic games represent a world of hope: A world of good natured competition, and acceptance of each other for who and what we are. It is a celebration of each nations cultural individualism, and the individuals superior athletic accomplishments. It is as we all should strive to be.

London 2012? Can’t wait.


3 Responses to “winter olympics overview”

  1. Yep, totally agree about the SI picks. I said to the Cman – eih, she’s “okay” and he said “yeah all hype”. Don’t understand what was going with SI there… 😉

    Yes, a beer gut- gave me hope to be an Olympian yet. HAHA.

    Larry the Cable guy lives in Lincoln, FYI. People see him randomly at Walmart (go figure). Represent.

    To me and the rest of the UND-ers (my Alma mater), we just think that UND won – Toews from Canada and Parise from the US team. That’s all that really matters. Besides USA doesn’t care about hockey like Canada does.

    AGREE- biathlon = crazy.

    The long distance events always amaze me.

    This is all 🙂

  2. Traditionally the mjor sports here in the US that are talked about are baseball, football, and basketball. Baseball is fun to play but watching baseball really is watching two guys play catch, with some drama thrown in. Think about that.
    With the endurence sports now becoming a little more more mainstream, ESPN mentions them. 24 hours a day gabbing endlessly about sports and you would think they could give a little more time to an event where 2000 people from all over the world swim 2.4 miles in the ocean, then bike 114 miles in the baking lava fields of Hawaii, and then run 26.2 miles. Average NFL career lasts 3.5 seasons and we end up talking about them forever. Sister Madonna Buder is 80 and has run in 20 Ironman races that I know of, and mst people have never heard of her.

  3. I haven’t heard of her. That’s crazy. Just imagine how many free radicals she has due to oxidative stress.

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