The Big Loser

Some time ago I began to watch The Biggest Loser. I found inspiration in watching the transformations of these people from morbidly obese to athletes. Following this new lifestyle has presented me with new friends, new passions and the chance to help motivate others to change as well.

One of my goals became to  earn my certifications in the health and fitness industry. In following that line of thought, one of the things I did was to subscribe to the site. I read their blogs every week. Most of their articles are informative, educational, and very professional but then I read this article by Amanda Vogel:

I disagreed with this article whole heartedly. The further I read in it, the more it slammed The Biggest Loser and tore it down. Some time later, this email went out as an accompaniment to the original article. (The page opens on my comment, arrow up to the top of the page to read her article)

As you can see, I voiced my opinion. The thing that upset me was the thesis of this accompaniment was Kathie Davis, IDEA executive director’s need to explain how the article was “a fair, balanced view between what The Biggest Loser representatives feel makes good television and what everyday personal trainers feel is realistic for their own clients” when in fact it did not. Ms Vogel was nether fair or balanced: she picked apart every bit of the show.

Jillian was wise not to speak with this woman. Bob’s answers read as defensive, as if his way of life were being attacked. (which it was.)

Upon further research of Ms Vogel, I was able to find her personal blog site and this:

I commented on her site as well. While I will admit calling her a “parasite feeding off of the success of others” may have been a bit over the top, my suggestion that she should ” take up golf and leave the fitness industry to those who are dedicated to injecting it with a more positive outlook” was not.

She responded to me saying: “I am a journalist who quoted many people in the article. The IDEA piece was not 5,000 words of my own opinions, I can assure you.” Yes, Ms Vogel, and I can assure you that you are the one that put them all together.

In a world where it is difficult at best to foster self improvement, and where heroes are few and far between, I could not stand silent while this woman trashed something I, and many others found inspiration in.


3 Responses to “The Big Loser”

  1. I like the pic!

  2. Are you alive??

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