sore losers caught with their pants down

I love the Olympics. The Games are a symbol of peace and togetherness that we only see every few years. The media has their hey day with mumblings that are not meant for the public, like Shaun White’s coach telling him “Way to fuckin go, man” and “stomp the shit out of it.” What does NBC expect when they jam a camera in the face of a professional snowboarder? Snowboarder. Not politician: an athletic group who could have chosen any type of uniform in the world, any type of clothing line, and they repeatedly wear pants that fall off during their competition, showing their ass. (Way to fucking go, Shaun.)

I hate a sore loser. In the Kona Ironman there are thousands of people who start the race. Thousands. Only one will cross the finish line first. Chances are I will never be that person. Evgeni Plushenko came out of retirement, and made it to the Olympics. It came down to a battle between him and Evan Lysacek. Lysacek went on first, so Plushenko knew what he had to do in order to win. Plushenko was shaky. He did not have the fluidity that Lysacek displayed. All Plushenko had was a quad jump. That is when they jump and spin around 4 times before landing.

I am an Olympic skating fan every four years: I root for the one with the best story, and if none have a good story I root for the cutest chic. But Plushenko come out afterward and bitches that Lysacek didn’t do a quad. Look buddy, I watched it and your routine was second best. I even thought friggin Johnny Weir had a more balanced and fluid routine and I can’t stand Weir. Weir suckered people into watching his routine by bragging to the media that he was going to wear fur. Ooooo. All the fashion divas who want fur and the PETA chics who don’t shave their pits were all up in arms about that. Here is my question for PETA: It’s blasphemy to wear a coat made of an animal pelt, but it is ok to wear leather? What’s up with that? (I don’t really care, save the emails. You wanna wear fur, wear fur, I don’t pimp like that.) Anyhow, men’s skating… meh. Not really my thing. Choosing to watch TV is one thing, but choosing to sit and watch Johnny Weir over a Burn Notice rerun… That chic on Burn Notice is HOT! But I do love the Olympics and love the athleticism of it all.

I also wanted to mention Tiger Woods: he held a press conference today just to let the rest of the world know that he is still a self involved, greedy, jackass and he didn’t want to give his wife half of his money after sleeping with all those supermodels and porn stars. Maybe if he had worn fur I would have cared a little more. Way to fuckin go, Tiger.


3 Responses to “sore losers caught with their pants down”

  1. I think you may mean “way to go fucking Tiger”. LOL

  2. Whoops: I need a redo.

    I think you may mean “way to go, fucking Tiger”. LOL

  3. Ba dump bump! Thank you folks! She’s here all week! Tip your waitress! Try the veal!

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