fat / skinny

Do you want to be fat? Fat is such a curse word, isn’t it? Do you like to be called fat? What about skinny? How do you think a man likes to be called skinny? Not masculine, not handsome, not rugged, or adventurous, skinny. Children are skinny. Little girls are skinny. It is an insult to call an adult man, skinny. It is an attack on his manhood. Just like calling a woman fat. A fat woman is not sexy, or pretty, or beautiful, she is just fat. If a woman is called fat, then society labels her as the “other” girl. The friend. The funny one. The fall back.

Skinny men and fat women. Negated by the label, the person becomes a thing in the eyes of their piers.

Does it upset you to read this? Does it touch on your insecurities to read such a brash label as fat or skinny? Have you been the fat girl? Have you been the skinny boy? Did you get laughed at? Did the beautiful people point and make fun of you? How did it make you feel to be the butt of their joke? How does it feel to have someone ask “can I help you with that” when you know all they are saying is “you pathetic worm, you can’t even accomplish that simple thing, I will just step in and do it for them because they are too weak.”

How does it feel to be seen as weak? How do you feel to know they look at you with pity?



I challenge you to channel your discomfort and use your anger toward these labels to fuel your workouts. As a triathlete I have had to learn various ways to challenge my mind to stop asking my body to stop moving.

One of these ways is to use other emotions to fuel the fire. Anger toward a label, a stereotype or an insult is one of those ways.

Use these words as triggers for your new passion: YOU. Be passionate about you. You are the only you you will ever have. You do not have a soul, you ARE a soul. You HAVE a BODY. Let’s learn how to take better care of it. The rest will happen all by itself. Be the change you want to see in the world. Accomplish something impossible and then nothing ever will be again.

You don’t have to be fat or skinny, it is a choice that you make. You are more powerful than a Twinkie: you do not have to eat it. You are more powerful than a cigarette: you do not have to smoke it.

Stop being fat.

Stop being skinny.

Be the best you, you deserve.


6 Responses to “fat / skinny”

  1. Hmmm…never thought about getting angry at a label before. may try it during my next workout. thanks!

  2. Kierkegaard said “Once you label me, you negate me.” It is this label that can hold a comfortable role for someone in their social circle and sabotage any attempt to break free of it. “The fat chic” or “the skinny dude” while both derogatory and self deprecating, are labels that excuse the behavior that leads to itself. Someone may have the inner monologue, “They already think I am the fat chic/skinny dude, so why should I even put the effort into changing.”
    I say get mad at it. If it helps to motivate positive change, if it gets someone off the sofa, do it. If a thing is stupid, but it works, then it is not stupid.

  3. This makes me extremely uncomfortable and I have mixed feelings about the whole subject. I had never thought of the “skinny dude” mentality.

  4. As it should CC. Use that. Remember how uncomfortable that feeling is, and use it for fuel. Are “friends” those who bring over ice cream or those who say “come on, we are going to the gym because you need it.”
    All the way into my 20s and early 30s I was the “skinny dude.” Hearing someone say “…but you are so skinny…” felt what I believe “…but she has such a pretty face…” would feel to a woman who had a few pounds to lose. No one ever took me aside and said “Hey dude, I can show you what to eat, and show you how to lift weights…” I never cared enough to do it on my own. It was a gut check and every single time I used to hear “skinny.” It would fuel my self pity and give me the convenient excuse to not go to the gym, always saying “Someday I will…”
    Someday came. I was turning 40. Holy crap. That means I am an adult. How did that happen? Time for a change. Time for a better life. It is a choice. I understand the comfort of self pity. Misery loves company and I had to get rid of the toxic friends who only wanted to get high on whatever they could. I have been there and I understand. I got out of it and so can you. I believe in you.
    Someday is here.

  5. No. Fat is a mentality. Some people who are “skinny” think that they are fat. I had fat mentality when I was a skinny beaatch. I’m sick of the mentality. It doesn’t need to be. [My friend discussed the labels on her being both black and white. She said “why do I have to be black or why do I have to be white? Why can’t I just be me?”] I am sick of the number on the scale. I want to be healthy and it is a process, something you can’t just change overnight. I got healthy once. Then I slid back into my old habits through focusing on grad school and not focusing on my health, pulling all nighters and fast food as a first year graduate student. But, it was* a slow fade, so hopefully if I continue to make better choices, I can better myself. It is all about the perception. It is the “I can’t get down on myself because I only lost 1 pound”, but instead it is “rejoice in every accomplishment”. Healthy isn’t about a number, it is about a feeling… a better feeling than self pity or loathing. Hearing that doesn’t fuel me. Hearing that makes me shut down. Hearing that gives truth where there are lies. I know how to lift. I know how to work out. It is the act of doing it, overcoming the activation energy (sorry this chemist can’t help it; these are my analogies). I don’t know if you ever googled by name, but you can actually learn a lot by doing it (not like it is interesting or anything, because it really isn’t). I know how to bulk up for throwing when I was in track in college. When I quit that “career” and focused on my future (undergrad research to get me into a better grad school than I would have normally been attending), I lost 60 pounds with cardio and planning. I already had the muscles. I know both spectra. I am not even labeling them as the same spectrum. I don’t know if that makes ANY sense… but as you’ll find out more and more— I’m a little crazy. 🙂

  6. […] toothpick and more self conscience. Some people look at themselves and see fat. I see skinny. Check this out to see my comparison. If I can find the recording from her radio show, I will edit it and put […]

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