Behold The Monty Carlo Blue Rover (repost…oops)

(I just realised that I erased this blog from a while ago I didn’t mean to, so here it is.)

I worked for Land Rover for many years. I loved the odd quirkiness of the company, the rugged adventure of the lifestyle and the elite status one could achieve with the simple purchase of a vehicle.

 Monte Carlo Blue was one of the two worst colours Land Rover ever chose to slather a vehicle in. It was a sickly, day-glow, metallic nightmare so ugly it seemed to emit a high pitched whine as if an old tube television were on with the sound turned down.  


You look at the above photo and you are saying to yourself, “Oh Steve that is just a blue car.” No. Film can not capture the ghastly effect this colour has on the rest of the universe. It is a heavy metallic colour with depth and sparkle that has no place in the realm of adventure vehicles. This colour should only be made available on convertible Volkswagen Bugs that have the optional flower holder on the dash. More to the point, it sould be a Miley Cyrus nail polish colour, not on a vehicle with a history of being airlifted into combat. It is a horrid blight on the fabric of existence. Are you feelin’ me on this? Are you pickin up what I am throwin down? Bad colour.

The one on my lot had been in stock for over 600 days. It’s stock number was 132Q. This was adversely affecting  the profitability of the vehicle: it was an untitled, two year old car that I had to “buy down” in order to keep on my lot. The act of “buying down” a car meant I was eating the profitability away. No one wanted this thing. Until…

It was the holiday season, and the expected seasonal client taper had whittled down to only a few vehicles being sold a week. Christmas is not the best time to work in the automotive industry. Especially living in Connecticut. It is easier to sell a car in the spring and summer because people don’t mind standing outside when it is 70 degrees. No one wants to stand out side when it is -13f and there is a 30mph wind. I’ve had car doors freeze shut.

My office looked out over our off-road track, which we took clients over to demonstrate things that the vehicle was capable of. We called it the ‘rock pile.’ Just past the rock pile was interstate 95, which sat about 60 feet higher than my office window. Through the trees I could catch glimpses of vehicles as they whizzed by. On the same note if you were on 95 and were traveling at 70 mph, you really could only catch a glimpse of our little building, but you really had to be looking for it. We kept about a dozen vehicles there and had a small service area. Even though we held events all over the place, we still sold vehicles.

You needed to know all of that, in order for me to tell you about The Lady.

I saw their Volvo station wagon pull onto the lot. They parked behind 132Q. The lady was waving her arms in the air and jumping up and down; she seemed frantic. I stood and grabbed my coat to run out and see what was the matter when she turned and I could see her face. She was smiling. No not smiling, beaming radiant happiness. You could have lit a campfire off of this woman’s joy. The frightening thing, to me at least, was she kept pointing at 132Q.

I could hear her voice as I opened the door to go out. They were still a good 100 yards away and remember that highway I mentioned? I think I also told you it was the holiday season… With the holiday traffic on 95 you can hardly hear people standing beside you.

She wore horn rimmed glasses, a purple beret, a German officer’s coat, and rainbow coloured socks. ‘Quirky’ is an understatement.

During the conversation I learned they were from Massachusetts and on their way to New York to see relatives for the holidays. They had driven by the lot, and she had seen the car. He said they drove down two exits on 95 and she was freaking out so bad, he turned around to come back and look.

“Do you sell many that are this colour?” she asked.

I didn’t want to scare her off or bring any negitive thoughts into the conversation. Thinking fast, I spread my arms wide and said:

“You see it is the last one we have left…” Then I was quiet, letting her mind run with that information.

Like the crescendo of an opera, in slow motion she turned to her husband, with a look of absolute glee and anticipation, grabbed his arm and began to shake it, barely able to contain herself. “LET’S BUUUUUYYYYY IIIIT!”

That was six years ago and she is still driving that Rover. I did not lie to her; I agreed with her excitement and encouraged her to express her individualism.  Not to mention I got rid of that horrible coloured vehicle to a person who has loved it for many years.

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.


4 Responses to “Behold The Monty Carlo Blue Rover (repost…oops)”

  1. HAHAHAHA. I like your comment to her. True. 🙂

  2. Yeah, it was kinda silly, right?

  3. Not really “silly” but misleading. People hear what they want to hear. That’s the problem. People make assumptions. I know I do. haha. But you’re right, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder 🙂

  4. HA HA! Misleading?!? I didn’t mislead her! Land Rovers are not inexpensive and as her Sales Guide it was my responsibility to make her feel special. At CarMax, there is a kiosk. At Land Rover, there is a relationship.

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