January Sports…

January is such a special time for sports. There are so many to choose from to pay attention to. So many important events happening. Lets review:

NFL Playoffs: We are down to the Colts VS: Jets and the Vikings VS Saints. Dare I say it, dare I wish aloud for a Manning VS Favre Superbowl?

NHL: I used to live next door to the Hurricanes who have won the Stanley Cup and are an awesome team. Now I live next door to the Sharks and I have to say they are great.

MLB: News comes out everyday about another former great one admitting his whole career was a drug induced sham. Mark McGwire crying to the public in a suit that cost four times more than my first car feels like Bernie Madoff saying how sorry he was to the people he financially raped. But let me tell you how I really feel…

NBA: Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. KO-BE! KO-BE! KO-BE!

Tennis: The Australian Open is in full swing with the Williams sisters, Nadal and Roddick all pounding the blue floor of the Rod Laver Arena.

Cycling: The Tour Down Under unveiled Lance Armstrong’s new Team Radio Shack and it looks to be one of the strongest teams ever assembled with the likes of Levi Leipheimer, Andreas Kloden, Gregory Rast and Chris Horner, not to mention Johann Bruyneel, the winningest cycling coach in the history of the sport. I predict a solid winning season for them and can’t wait to see them here in the Tour of California, which I predict Levi to win.

Figure Skating: Sasha Cohen came back to earn another chance to go to the Olympics. It broke my heart to see her fall. I’m also not thrilled with the scores that came from the judges for the rest of the field at Nationals.

Down Hill Skiing: Lindsey Vonn continues to dominate.

We are getting ready for the Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl… So many great sports events happening. What is your favorite sport and what is happening with it currently?


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