Running in the rain

Wet. Cold. Cold? It’s January, I’m in shorts, running outside. Heidi, my chica buddy from Fargo, ND, showed me a pic of the outside temp gauge in her car and it read -32f. First off, I had no idea that car temp gauges could read negative numbers, and second, why the truck would anyone want to live in such a God-awful place? I moved from North Carolina because I hated 10f and 20f winters. Screw that. A weekend of skiing? Snowboarding? Sure. Live in that? Not a chance in hell. Heidi you are a cool chic, and I really dig hangin with ya, but don’t expect a visit anytime soon. I’ll send ya a plane ticket, how about that?

Sorry, got off track for a sec. Let’s start again:

Wet. Running in the rain. The drops hit my glasses and obstruct my view, but it doesn’t matter. When I run my soul leaves this meaty flesh behind and travels elsewhere. I am aware of my surroundings, I feel the rain fall on me, soaking my clothes and running down my legs. I feel blood course throughout my body, one pump at a time. The strap across my chest holds the tiny computer that monitors my vitals and transmits them to the computer on my wrist. At times I monitor it closely, yet other times, like now, I just wander through the fields of old dreams littering my mind. Those fears that haunt my daily life are never here on the run: “where is the next job going to come from,” “how are Mom and Dad doing,” “am I doomed to spend my days alone…?” Those thoughts are left behind and it is just me and the Earth, pounding myself against it, always wanting to push further or faster than the last run.

Rain is sexy. It touches your whole body, molding you to its agenda. Rain purifies. It washes off the dirt of life and leaves it in a puddle on the ground. With each day, with each run, with each rainstorm and each raindrop, we are reborn into whatever we choose.

Run in the rain. It feels good and people look at you funny.


5 Responses to “Running in the rain”

  1. Hey, thanks for the stop in and lovely comment. I like this…”wander through the fields of old dreams”. Helps me relax and realize it is ok to check out once in a while and wander, dream…
    No running here now…too cold in MN. Below freezing happens, helps us appreciate when it is warm, also forces us to slow down…even if just a little bit…God bless, Jodi

  2. HAHA.

    And to think I lived 70 mi north and 30 mi east of Fargo for 23 y. When I went back to it on vaca, I… well, am a wuss now. No, thank you.

    I LOVE*** running in the rain. Love your take on it.

  3. Thank you for your words. Yeah, I am not dealing with the cold. Not hap-nin! No-sir-re-Bob! If I can’t wear shorts, there is not much reason to stay.

  4. Hey CC! Yea, rain is cool. Back in 98 we drove through Canada to Hudson Bay in the winter. It was an insane little thing we did for Land Rover. Had to load the trucks on a flat car on a train and ride the train up about 300k. I got snow blind, one of the trucks axle froze and we had to build a fire under the truck to thaw it…It was cool, but yeah, no more. I will stay in the Lodge and order drinks with the girls…I’m good with that.

  5. My gosh, you have quite the stories!

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