What are we talking about?

What are we talking about?

My blog is published here in on WorldPress.com. I wanted to measure where, the bulk of the other bloggers were mentally. For my Litmus Test I searched some specific words and word combinations and recorded how many hits each got. With this feature I could see how many times on this blog site other people were mentioning these topics, and thus gauge where the majority of peoples blogs were directed.

Here are my results:

3,656,149 “love”

1,752,336 “God”

379,268 “sex”

155,581 “Dating”

151,828 “Die Hard”

124,998 “Pizza”

107,085 “Divorce”

76,694 “Peanut butter”

16,533 “Batman”

6,267 “Jennifer Aniston”

5,517 “pornography”

2,866 “Angelina Jolie”

1,662 “marriage”

 From my results I have concluded:God is more important to us than sex, entertainment, or food, but we all desperately want love.

We want love, but don’t want to commit to it.

We love sex, but feel guilty talking about how much porn we watch.

Dating is a lot like crawling through the filthy ventilation shafts of a building while someone shoots at us. “Yippee ki yay…”

We are 64 times more likely to end a relationship than to start one.

We’re all on Jennifer’s side: Angie is a home wrecking bitch no matter how many children she buys.

We are 4 times more likely to watch porn, than commit to a relationship and we are 68 times more likely to just fuck and go home.

Your lover is 10 times more likely to watch Christian Bale run around in tights than buy you a ring.

You can delay your lover leaving you by telling them you ordered pizza.

You have a 3.6 to 1 chance of scoring while you wait for the delivery boy.

And (by the numbers) you have a better chance of scoring if you put Die Hard on and not porn.


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