My application to be Sarah Reinertsen’s Boyfriend

To whom it may concern:

This is my letter of application for the position of Sarah Reinertsen’s Boyfriend.

Sarah finished the Kona Ironman Triathlon in 2005. She accomplished this after failing to finish in 2004. Proving that if you are not trying hard enough to fail, you are not trying hard enough. She has finished marathons in New York, London, Boston, New Zealand, and LA. She set world records in the 100 m, 200 m, 400 m in her division. She has been featured on the cover of Max Sports and Fitness, Runner’s World, Triathlete and ESPN. Sarah has been the marketing coordinator for Ossur, and the national spokesperson for CAF. In 2006 she and her former boyfriend competed on the CBS show, The Amazing Race and came in 7th place. She’s even won an ESPY. Sarah’s accomplishments in the area of sports and fitness exceed those of some if not most male athletes. The personal drive and self motivation it takes to crack the whip and follow through with what she has achieved, shows a person who has incredible stamina, poise and downright grit.

Let’s not forget that we are talking about a vibrant, sexual, lovely and hot as the sun woman with the body of a highly trained athlete, the mind of a business woman and the looks of a Victoria’s Secret model.

Just how beautiful is this woman? Who wouldn’t want to hang out with her? Woof.

Her personal mantra is “Fear less. Live more” so it is with that spirit in mind, that I put the idea of becoming Sarah’s new boyfriend out into the world. Should she be interested in having a running partner, personal chef, cycling buddy, masseuse… My services are available and at the ready.

With warm regards,

Ronin Sherpa.


4 Responses to “My application to be Sarah Reinertsen’s Boyfriend”

  1. Um, yeah, all I can say is


    she is hott.

    But oh so much more. Unbelievable accomplishments…

    I’ll vote for you. ha 🙂

  2. Beyond the fact that she is a beautiful woman, beyond the fact that she is a world class athlete, beyond the fact that she is an accomplished business owner, and beyond the fact that she is a Ironman, beyond the fact that she inspires people all over the world…
    She just seems like the kind of girl you would want to go to a ball game with, or grill out with, or ride four wheelers with. Right?

  3. Your blog says: “update me”!

  4. […] I became aware of Sarah in 2004 when she attempted the Kona Ironman but failed to make the bike cut off. The NBC docudrama that covered that year featured Sarah and left us with the image her standing there sobbing. It was heart wrenching. However the next year, Sarah came back to Kona and finished the race becoming the first female leg amputee to finish the Ironman World Championship. This woman inspires my soul as you can see. […]

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