Closing out 2009 and the decade.

 What have the last 10 years brought for your life? Who were you 10 years ago? What has changed? Are you were you thought you would be? What went right?

Ten years ago I was freshly divorced and looking at the new goals I had for myself. Now as I peer over the cusp of a the next decade, I know I am in a better place than I was all those years ago. My heroes have changed, and my goals have too. I find I am not so much in competition with others anymore, because my most harsh critic is myself. Today my abilities show self confidence and maturity, where it once showed brash aggressiveness. Today my own goals are not driven by monetary gains. While money is important to live, it is truly the means to the end of doing, learning, and experiencing life.

Today I own my own business where I get to help people to live better lives by spending their money on more important things. Let me ask you a question: what is a thing you want right now? I want a Ceepo Viper Triathlon bike, in white, with 58mm wheels, and either an SRM or the new Polar CS500 on board cycling computer. To buy it, I just need add up what the cost is, divide that cost by the amount of time I want to work toward it and that is how much money I have to set aside each week to buy the bike. I do not buy things on credit. The 1990’s were a decade ago, and credit cards are whack. They do not work. If you choose to keep a credit card for an emergency, then be an adult and know that a new pair of shoes is not an emergency. Credit cards will mess you up in the long run. Our country is on the verge of collapse because of people buying things on credit. If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it. I know, it sucks to be an adult sometimes, but it builds character to have to earn something.

The way to get to your goal faster is to spend less money on the little things that truly don’t matter. Take for example, I get a lot of my personal infrastructure items through Amway. In the beginning I did it because I do not own a car. Shopping is a pain in the rear when I run out of things like bleach, or liquid detergent. These things are bulky to carry and as a man on a bicycle, it limits the amount of other things I can fit into my backpack. Amway brings these things to my door. Their prices are better than the grocery store and having the brand name “Tide” or “Clorox” in my closet is just not important to me. If you take it a step further, if I did own a car, I am saving the gas, tyres and oil it takes to get to the store and back. So the new bike can me mine MONTHS faster than I thought! Work smart, not hard.

This decade my heroes changed. I had the great pleasure of meeting some of my heroes: I met Candy Dulfer who is a Dutch saxophonist who has played around the world with the likes of Van Morrison, Pink Floyd and Prince. I met Tom Collins who represented the US during the 1987 Camel Trophy and went on to head the US training department for that event for 10 years. He was also a founding member of Tread Lightly, a program to teach responsible off road exploration. I met former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Jillian Michaels taught me that self confidence is sexy.

Natalie Bolton showed me how to accomplish the impossible.

My Mother and Father have continually shown me what true heroes are. Their story began as two simple people who fell in love and struggled to raise a family. They became national heroes as members of the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Team and have personally touched the lives of thousands of people who have suffered through disasters from Texas floods, to a decimated Miami after Hurricane Andrew, and feeding the rescue personnel at Ground Zero and the Fresh Kills Land Fill for months after September 11. Their dedication to service and giving should inspire us all. During a recent meeting of the Disaster Relief Staff from North Carolina, the members went around the table to introduce them selves and say how many disasters they had been on. Most said 3, 4 or 5 with some even as many as 7 or 8. My Mother and Father have been to 37.

The Millennia Decade is over now, and I am a better man for it. I look forward to the teen years of the 21st Century.

The personal goals I have so far are:

  • Finish a full distance Ironman triathlon.
  • Restore a Land Rover or a Jeep.
  • Bike up Mont Ventoux.
  • Build my business to earn a comfortable living.
  • Kiss the most beautiful woman in the world.

I challenge you to find the best within yourself and bring it forward, stop allowing fear to limit you, and follow your life’s passions.

2010? Bring it!


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