Types of friends

 I got a link to a blog that sparked my interest.
 Please follow the link to the original list, and if ya have a sec, leave me some comments and tell me wha cha think.

See ya on the flipside.

10 Types of guy friends a girl has:

The Schlep: You work with this guy and he looks like the “PC” from the “Mac and PC” adds on TV. You are totally grossed out by his oily hair and he always smells like cheese, but he has a wicked mad crush on you so you use his wonder geek computer powers to help you at work. He has told his room mate (also known as MOM) all about you.

The Jock: This is the megga athlete, always bragging about some marathon or football game he has played over the weekend or is training for. He is totally emotionally unavailable and boarders on having a God complex. His over the top and blatant sexual advances are such a desperate beacon screaming “I like you but lack social skill enough to tell you” that his big dumb advances are silly. Not to mention his but looks good in jeans on casual Friday. The Jock has a wicked mad crush on you but who would want to house train him, and who would you talk to?

The Stud: Closely related to the Jock however his shtick is to brag about how many girlfriends he has been with. Secretly he surfs porn on Friday nights and has not had a date in three years! The Stud has a wicked mad crush on you but stay away from him, two of his ex’s have restraining orders.

Capitan America: This is who the Jock and the Stud try to emulate. He is perfect. So sexy, and smells so good, your guts burn hot when you get to pass him in the hallway. Handsome, successful, smart, works out, volunteers at the homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, and married. Happily. To a former Victoria Secret Model. They have four children, the first two they adopted, and the last two are twins. She teaches your Turbo Kick class, and early breaks a sweat, that bi**h.

Louie: Louie is a married man who lives near you, and is always nice to you. He doesn’t go out of his way, but is respectful in a dirty joke neighborly kind of way. He has a wicked mad crush on you, but would never act on it.

Stan: Stan wears glasses and a sweater in the summer. It always seems painful for him to talk to you because women frighten him. Stan is harmless, but he has a wicked mad crush on you.

Tom: Tom is an Ex boyfriend who hasn’t got a clue. You don’t really date anymore but sometimes late at night, you call or he does and you hang out. It is not going anywhere, not entirely great for your diet but it is comfortable and safe. Tom has a wicked mad crush on you, but will break your heart if you expect more than Doritos, beer and cheap sex.

Andrew: Andrew is a hot mess. He dates one of your friends. She is not a close friend, but close enough that you think twice about his aggressive advances on you at parties. Andrew does not have crush on you, you have a crush on him, and he can smell it. He only wants to sleep with you which will make your relationship with your friend really messed up. Stay away from Andrew, he has an STD.

Antonio: Antonio is your yoga instructor. His tights are perfectly formed to his perfectly formed ass. You love to look at his arms bulging and vein. Don’t get a crush on Antonio. Antonio is gay and has a crush on Captain America.

Steve: Steve is the man you will marry. You bump into him in the strangest place. You get drunk at the office party in disgust of listening to the Schlep, The Jock and the Stud all showing up with dates, as you go stag and Steve is there invited by Captain America because he coaches Caps kids in soccer. Steve helps to get you away from the party before anyone notices it was you who puked in the pool. He gets you home, cleans you up and leaves a glass of water on the night stand. Steve is the guy you fall completely in love with out of the blue.

Where the hell is Steve…


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