Whoever brought the whole concept of “LATER” should have been shot. LATER is the reason lots of things do not get done: “Oh I’ll do it LATER.” Well LATER never comes! LATER kills people! LATER causes obesity! LATER causes cancer! LATER ruins marriages! LATER will rob you of enjoying your child’s world, or even the chance to be a child yourself.

RIGHT NOW someone wants you to kiss them. RIGHT NOW life is more adventurous than any Indiana Jones movie! RIGHT NOW think about what music the soundtrack of your life would be if you were living the life you wanted? Play that music RIGHT NOW!

RIGHT NOW is what winners know. RIGHT NOW is how things get done. RIGHT NOW everything you want in life is just outside your comfort zone. RIGHT NOW the rest of the world is happening as you sit there reading this.

RIGHT NOW is all you will ever truly ever have because LATER never comes.

LATER you will die.

RIGHT NOW be alive.


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